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Secondary Schools Ranking 2017

RAFFLES GIRLS’ SCHOOL (SECONDARY) is the top secondary school in 2017. The Top 5 secondary schools for the year 2017 based on the Minimum PSLE Aggregate Score for Secondary 1 Admission 2017 (based on the figures released by MOE on 1 March 2017) were RAFFLES GIRLS’ SCHOOL (SECONDARY), RAFFLES INSTITUTION, HWA CHONG INSTITUTION, DUNMAN HIGH SCHOOL and NATIONAL JUNIOR COLLEGE.




Minimum PSLE Aggregate Score

The Minimum PSLE Aggregate Score is the lowest score a student needs to achieve in the PSLE so as to qualify a place in the secondary school. Thus a student may score a low PSLE Aggregate Score and still gain entry into the desired secondary school based on its affiliation with the secondary school.

Top Schools #1 to #50 (50 Schools)
















Excellent Schools #51 to #100 (50 Schools)














Good Schools #101 onwards






















Primary Schools Ranking

Secondary Schools Ranking


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